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I am a professional Dominatrix located in St Petersburg, FL & I session out of a private Dungeon space located there. Please follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on my travel dates.

Please Read All Information On This Page Before Applying For A Session


Once you read ALL of the information on this page, please click the link below to fill out My session application. By filling out the application & making a booking request, you acknowledge that you have both read & understand the terms & conditions of this page. If you are on any medications or have health issues that may affect our session, please list them in the appropriate areas on the application. I am not responsible nor am I liable if you do not answer questions completely or honestly.

I require HALF session tribute to book your appointment. Tributes are NON-REFUNDABLE. Your NON-REFUNDABLE tribute deposit is for your session and it reserves the date & time that we agreed upon. Meaning, I do not book anyone else at that day & time, and it is reserved for you. Once I receive your session application & determine that we are a good fit, I will send you a safe & discreet link to My Wishtender for you to make your tribute deposit. I will not consider us booked until your deposit is received. Under no circumstances will I refund your NON-REFUNDABLE tribute deposit. If you are unclear what NON-REFUNDABLE means, I suggest you look it up before filling out my application. If you have a scheduling conflict & cannot make our predetermined appointment, I will do My best to help you & accommodate you. Please understand that adjustments & accommodations may not always be available.


My availability will depend on my schedule, the availability of my local space or if I'm traveling. I am never available last minute when I'm at home & require at least a 24 hour notice. I do tend to get booked up when I travel, so if I'm coming to your town, it's best to book your appointment with Me ASAP. My usual hours of operation are between the hours of 11am- 9pm. That may change when I am traveling. There is a place on the form to request 3 different dates & times that work for you. I will choose the one that works best for My schedule & send that in the confirmation email.


Full body hygiene is of the utmost importance. Please make sure you prep before our session & are clean. If you need to prep at My space beforehand, that may be a possibility but not guaranteed.

Please do not show up for your appointment any more than 5 minutes before our scheduled time. If you arrive any earlier, you will be made to wait outside. If you arrive late, that time will be taken from your session. If you are going to be 30 minutes late or more, you forfeit your session as well as your tribute for that session.

If you are new to BDSM & sessions, please let Me know in the space provided on my form. I go over everything on your form before we start the session, & will answer any questions etc that you may have.

If at any time during your session you become sexually inappropriate towards Me, don't respect My limits or touch Me inappropriately, your session terminates immediately & you will be asked to leave. You will also be banned from future session with Me. If you have any questions about this policy, please note them on your application & I will be more than happy to go over things with you.


By acknowledging the NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY on the application means that you have full understanding that I am not an escort & I do NOT provide escort services. I have no problems with anyone who offers full service, so if that is what you are looking for, I suggest finding a provider who caters to those needs. You also acknowledge that you are not trying to entrap Me, solicit Me or obtain illegal sexual activity from Me. Any mention of sexual activity on your application will cause your application to be ignored.

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